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Friday, May 13, 2005

Travois deux and the Datastorm arrives...

In five separate boxes...the latter, that is...

It took us two months to decide upon our first trailer, the Jayco 25G. We looked at a good dozen different hybrid models before settling, happily, upon the Jay Feather. When we learned of the aforementioned full-timing clause (ironically, on page 18 of the owner's manual), our world was definitely thrown off kilter. D-Day is slightly more than three weeks away, and we have no home.

So for two days we traversed the state high and low, on the hunt for that perfect trailer, and with gross vehicle weight ratings nearing 10K lbs and lengths over 30 ft, these were of a very different breed.

Last night, we ordered a Sunnybrook 3009. With a queen, a full, a twin bunk and queen pull-out sofa, it sleeps the Keebler elves or a medium-large sized family.

I thought that by finally settling on a trailer and tow, I'd banish the anxiety gremlin which wakes me very morning at four. So this morning, while I'd like to blame the pre-dawn street scrubbers (which for some reason PARKED and then proceeded to BACK UP, which that horrific beeping, for a full 10 minutes outside my window), it was the excitement of the pending trip which pulled me from dreamland.

Today, as I drove off to pick up Jonah, my favorite man in Brown arrived with a heap of packages, all addressed to me. It was the DustyFoot datastorm tripod satellite unit, which will allow is to access satellite internet just about anywhere in North America. We broke out the wrenches, and spent the next few hours assemblign and re-assembling. Then we ran out of daylight. Fortunately, tomorrow is another day.


  • that is SO exciting! If we could have found a Sunnybrook in our vicinity, it would have been a done deal. i'm so jealous about the datastorm! :)

    By Anonymous kathy, at 11:04 PM  

  • Long gone are the PUP ideas :)
    Maybe another vacation, another time :)
    Sounds like you have the perfect plan. Enjoy as we are enjoying reading.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:19 PM  

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