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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The countdown officially begins.

Well, 5PM last evening came and went without incident, so now the house is truly sold.

D-Day, 6th of June.

Today, I had a date with a half-dozen late-model Suburbans (with a lone Yukon XL thrown in the lot), still trying to match up our Jayco 25G with its perfect mate. A few decent prospects, nothing which made me open the checkbook immediately, however.

Lunch with my former campaign manager, Tracy and her lovely spouse Josh was sandwiched between stops at the DMV to pick up Jonah's handicapped parking permit. Why two stops? Seems that our pediatrician overlooked checking a box. Thus, the wonderful bureaucrats at Motor Vehicles determined that when someone is applying for a disabled permit, it makes complete sense to make their life even harder, sending them across town for a simple checked box, rather than assume from the lengthy desciption on the second page that a diagnosis of autism indicates a neurological, not ambulatory, disability. Sigh.

Next on the agenda is a follow-up to RV Direct to find out the status of our prospective trailer.

As this post up until now indicates, activities around here for the next few days, perhaps weeks, will be mostly organizational...and dull. Thus, I urge you to head on over to my latest discovered gem of a blog, Travelogue, chronicling the adventures of a family of six, two parents, four young kids, meandering around North America in their travel trailer (having sold their home and stored their possessions.) Gee, I hate when we end up being copy-cats without even knowing it.


  • congrats on the home sale!!!!!!!!!

    fingers crossed n your 'cheval'


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