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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The pins and needles of home selling

Although we've accepted an offer on the house (two now, actually, and a third waiting in the wings,) we've been subjected to over a week of inspections, appraisals and, sadly, arm-twisting. Seems as though the buyer's broker failed to inform them that freestanding appliances needed to be negotiated in the sale, and thus, neither the 48" Viking range and hood or the high-end KitchenAid fridge were included in the contract. The sellers attempted to rectify this by offering a lower (yes, lower) price, including the appliances, with the hope that although we'd reject the reduced price, we'd "compromise" and happily include $12K worth of appliances in the original price. Since we've rejected that scenario outright, they have until 5pm this afternoon to decide whether to annull the contract. If they do, we go to the next offer, equal to the first, with much less manipulative buyers/brokers. If they don't cancel, they're tied into the contract without appliances, though we might consider selling such, for their market value, of course. (Note: When the buyers first realized their faux pas, we offered the appliances at a very reasonable price.)

The worst of all this is the uncertainty: It's hard to plan an itinerary if you don't know if you'll be on the road June 7th, 27th or sometime in July. It also leads to writers block, as all mental energy is consumed by the ongoing ordeal of negotiating with a party determined to get the very best deal, even at the expense of goodwill.

I'd like to update the sidebar, but I'm still hoping Eric will get around to purchasing the permanent URL. I guess I can just copy the links into their new location. I do now have quite a library of new travel books, including some great Insider Guides for families.


  • Dump the appliances for whatever you can get for them. It's very hard to get rid of that stuff - at least around here - for more than minimal, no matter how good it is. Unless you have a friend who wants to store and sell it for you....? Ugh, not worth it at all.

    But congrats on selling the house so soon!! Way to go!

    By Blogger Moi ;), at 7:08 PM  

  • What moi said.

    Why did you exclude them from the listing in the first place? Do you intend to install them in the camper?

    It sounds like there's already some bad blood between you and the buyer over this. The buyer is not going to pay anywhere near $12K for a used stove and fridge, no matter how high-end they are. At this point, if I were in their shoes, I would consider _demanding_ that you remove them. (Look in the purchase contract, it should be in the same paragraph as "debris.") If you fail to do so, you would be liable to them for the cost of removal.

    Swallow your pride and accept their offer. JMHO. YMMV.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:33 PM  

  • Actually, our original listing indicated the appliances were "negotiable". Our intent was to in fact remove and store them for our future home (since we won't be living in an RV forever) if the buyer did not want or need them, or we felt it in our best financial interest not to include them in the home price. It had nothing to do with "pride", as the omission was their's, not our's, and accepting the loss would have placed this current bid well below the second bid.

    At this point, unless the buyer now purchases them separately, we will be storing them. As the stove was a Christmas gift and thus has additional sentimental value, I'm fine with that. We have the storage room, no reason not to use it.

    We never expected the buyers to pay $12K - our initial offer was quite reasonable. So now it's up to them to find a 48" range and custom-size refrigerator for less than our asking price. C'est la vie.

    Also, there's no "bad blood" - they've beeb tough negotiators, but we successfully pushed back each time. It is a seller's market still. Besides, it's business, not personal.

    By Blogger MB, at 2:08 AM  

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