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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Technical difficulties continue...

I'm still without a laptop, having mine returned from HP unfixed yesterday morning. After yet another call to technical support, I finally happened upon a kind soul (in Vancouver) who straightened the entire mess out, and is having UPS pick it up today, with the promise of it being returned, fixed free of charge, by March 21.

I do have access to my spouse's FreeBSD machines, but they're more conducive to research than post construction. However, I'll have so much to write on by the time the laptop returns, I promise to make up for the recent drought.

Thank you for bearing with us. Ironically, the damage was autistic-child induced. Moral of the story? Get the accidental damage coverage. I just extended my warranty for another year, and added just that.


  • It has almost been a month, hope all is well. I miss hearing all the details.

    Any news on the PUP?

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