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Monday, April 11, 2005

TtW back online!

My laptop returned last week from HP, for the third time in a month. This time, however, it actually booted up. My wireless connection is still on the fritz, but I can now surf, write and post on the same machine.

Lots of developments in the planning. Eric decided about a month ago that his adolescent dream of wandering the globe in an Airstream actually fit into our plan, so I spent a couple of weeks attempting to figure out if we could in fact all fit into, and then tow, a Silver Bullet. The answer, sadly for him, was eventually "no". In order to tow the 30' model which could sleep six comfortably, we needed a tow capacity of at least 9000 pounds. While a number of pick-up trucks have that rating, few vehicles which seat seven (2 adults, 4 kids and a large dog) do. Essentially, only the Chevy Suburban 2500, which, surprisingly, is very difficult to find here in Maine.

So we compromised. I still wanted the feel of "camping", i.e., canvass, and Eric wanted more of the permanent feeling of a trailer. So we started looking at "hybrids" (and if any for PUP readers are still watching, feel free to knock me upside the head, as this was recommended when I started planning this whole affair.)

We've decided upon a Jayco 25G, a combination queen pop-out bunk in the front, with quad bunk bed in the rear. Weighs about 4000 dry, with a total GVWR of 5800. Can thus be towed by almost any of the larger SUVs, including the Dodge Durangos and Toyota Sequoias we're now test driving.

The house went onto the market this morning. We've already begun moving much of our smaller stuff, books, toys, books, books, (did I mention books?) into storage.

We sell the Odyssey on Wednesday. Found a buyer, and since we have the 88 Volvo working, figure we can survive until the house closes, as long as we all don't have to go anywhere together. Besides, it gives us the extra cash to finish some house projects, put a down payment on the trailer, buy the generator, etc., etc. Inspection and registration were up this month, and didn't want to pay another $600 for only a month or two (excise taxes aren't rolled-over onto new vehicles, so it appears.)

We still hope to be on the road in early June. Cross your fingers that we find a buyer this week.


  • Hello, fellow PUX viewer here. Glad you are getting closer to the trip.
    One of the things I remember from PUX was that you didn't want a quad bunk in the back. What made you change your mind?

    Either way, congrats and I'm still reading.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 PM  

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