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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Travel stories

My co-editor and dear friend, Dwight Meredith, has been sharing his experiences and acquired wisdom on the subject of travel with his ten year-old autistic son, Bobby, over on our political advocacy blog, Wampum. So far there are three episodes, Travels with Bobby, Part I, II, and III. I highly recommend them.

I will note, however, that our experiences so far with Sam (a little verbal but otherwise high functioning) and Jonah (moderately affected) have been rather tame compared to Dwight's. But his make for much more colorful narratives.

Dwight has promised to offer more of his experience and wit, and so I will be linking frequently to Wampum in the future. The time right now is excellent, as my laptop suffered a serious Jonah-related injury yesterday, and will be in the shop for at least a week. While Eric is fine with sharing his hardware, it's generally easier for me to research and post on my own more familiar platform.


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