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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Welcome addition

I think I've been able to sucker, er, convince my dear friend Emily to contribute some of her extensive knowledge to this new endeavor. Emily has a neurologically exceptional child who is doing incredibly well (can one say "almost indistinguishable"?), due mostly to Emily (and M.'s) hard work.

I know that Emily is a font of information on vacationing with a high functioning child, as well as being the goto person for all-things-NYC/LI and, of all things, Dude Ranches. Now, not a chuckle. If there's any single family resort that spectrum kids, with their host of sensory needs, will love beyond a doubt, it's the good old fashion dude ranch.

Now I need to figure out how to allow addition authors again on Blogger. Yes, we are moving to WordPress on our Wampum server sometime soon (Eric, buy the *&^%& domain name), with a PHPBB forum and all, but for now, I'm working off two year old knowledge here. Bear with me.


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