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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Plan (Version 1.1)

So, The Plan (Version 1.0) has already changed a bit. We're no longer 1) setting a time limit, e.g. three months, 2) will visit our potential new residence locations at the end of the first leg, and 3) will in fact travel through the Deep South, though in the slightly cooler autumn months (okay, so I did a bit of research on poisonous snake fatalities.) The US is far too large to see in Ms. Pacman mode, chopping through attractions at a whirlwind pace.

We're also looking today at slightly larger pop-ups. Turns out that a camper with bathroom and shower facilities (along with a kitchen and sleeping quarters) qualifies as a home (for tax purposes.) The freezer in the larger PUP has some appeal as well - less hunting for fresh sources of Sam's favorite gluten-free chicken dinosaurs and donuts. (Ah, there's fodder for our next post.)


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